A fundraising event for Mission 22


Lex Artis will match donations up to the first $1,000


October 5th, 2024 – Bloomer Park, Rochester, Hills, MI

WELCOME TO THE MILLION METER RUCK!  You may recall the event we started around eight years ago called The Million Meter Row. It’s been a few years since we ran that event, so we decided it was time to bring it back, this time with a new twist – RUCKING!  

What is the Million Meter Ruck?

  1. First and foremost this is a fundraising event with the primary purpose to raise money for Mission 22, a nationally recognized & registered 501c3 non-profit that benefits military Veterans, their families & their communities. To learn more head to
  2. You may recall the Million Meter Row, an event that was 40 teams of rowers, rowing 25k meters each.

We decided to bring the event back, in a different way. Rather than being stuck inside for several hours on stationary rowers, we thought it would be more fun for everyone to get together outdoors, as a community under tents & lounge chairs while running/rucking the trails of Bloomer Park.

  1. Ultimately, this is a chance to push yourself and have fun while raising money for a cause near and dear to our hearts.


  • This will be done as a “RUCK RELAY”.  You & your teammates, along with all other teams will have 5 total hours to achieve as many laps as possible while only having one person on the course at a time. Once again – one teammate will be running/rucking at a time.
  • The lap will be a 1.2 mile/2,000m loop on the trails of Bloomer Park.  ROUTE HERE This route can also be exported in a number of file types (.gpx, .tcx, etc) and uploaded onto your device of choice.  
    • This means to hit the goal of 1,000,000 meters as an event we need to hit 500+ individual laps as a group.
  • Teams can be as few as two people or as many as 8 people with any gender make up
  • This is a ruck and everyone will be encouraged to carry a load.  Our encouraged weights are 20# for males and 14# for females.  That said, if this is a cause that is meaningful to you and you want to up the “suffer” factor, you can carry more.  You want to do this with your kids and have them carry a 5# weight in their backpack, that is great!   If simply doing a 1.2mile loop through the woods is going to be extremely challenging for you, but you want to be a part of this event & raise money for a good cause without the extra weight,  we welcome you as well.  
  • Now, just because this is a fundraising event, doesn’t mean we can’t be competitive as well!


Competitive divisions will be scored on the total number of FULL laps completed in the 5 hour time limit

  • 4 person mixed division – 2 males, 2 females, 20#/14# ruck requirement per person
  • 4 person male division – 4 mailes, 20# ruck requirement per person
  • 4 person female division – 4 females, 14# ruck requirement per person
  • Rucks can be backpack style rucks or weight vests. FOR COMPETITIVE DIVISIONS ONLY; We will be weighing your ruck/vest at the start of the event.  We also reserve the right to weigh your ruck/vest at any time during or immediately following the event.  

Day of the Event

  • The event will be held at Bloomer Park with the start and finish line being at the back HILLTOP SHELTER.
  • We encourage all teams showing up to bring camp chairs, tents, coolers and anything else you would want to have while hanging out outdoors. There will be plenty of area to setup on the grass.  We are obligated to follow all posted park rules.  BLOOMER PARK WEBSITE
  • Remember that only one teammate will be on the course at a time, which means everyone else from the team will be hanging out together waiting their turn.


    • Is fundraising mandatory to participate?  No, but it is strongly encouraged.  
    • How much does it cost?  $45/head for all NON-competitive divisions – $50/head for competitive divisions
  • What is included in that cost?  Everyone signing up will get an event shirt and an event coffee mug
  • Is there a fee to park at Bloomer Park?  Yes, it is $5.  That said, the park sometimes makes the call to not charge for parking on a given day.  This is not up to us, we have no control over this.  
    • Do I need to run the entire time?  NO.  Run, walk, crawl, all are acceptable. 
    • Does someone on my team have to be running at all times?  NO.  Totally up to you and your team.  If everyone on the team wants to take a break at the same time, that is fine.
    • Do I need to provide my own vest or ruck pack with weight?  YES.
    • Should I bring food, water, energy gels, etc?  YES. 
    • What if there is a tie between teams in the competitive division for the same number of laps achieved?  The team that did that number of laps the fastest would be declared the winner.
    • What is the refund policy?  Because this is a charity drive event, there will be NO REFUNDS for this event.  Consider it an extra donation to Mission 22.  
  • What about prizes if I am in the competitive division?  For the competitive divisions there will be winners banners only provided to all members of the winning team.
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