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Patrick Esper

Founding Partner

I walked into a Crossfit gym almost 10 years ago and in typical fashion got my ass handed to me. Like most people who find themselves in this community, I was hooked from minute one.  I have been through a couple of gyms over that time and am now a guy that trains out of his garage year round.  Now, I was and never will be much to write home about when it comes to my competitive fitness ability.  My first Fran was 17 minutes, and I did it taking the bar from the rack. When I PR’ed my back squat the last time it took me a good 30 seconds of fighting to stand that sucker up. I was paid the compliment once; “you’re definitely not going to sneak up on anyone with your explosiveness”.

What I am good at though, is running these events on time.  After seeing well over a hundred of these fitness events from start to finish I have learned that the “perfect day” is like a unicorn.  But, I try really hard to not make the same mistake twice.  I will rarely be the guy standing on the podium at the end of an event, but I know how I want something to be run that I paid for.  That’s really all I am trying to do, provide a day that I would want if I were a competitor.  I am probably never going to get it exactly “right”, but I have this drive to keep trying.

Contact me directly at pat@lex-artis.net

Nick Ostrowski

Founding Partner

For as long as I can remember, athletics and competition have dominated my life — from youth sports, all the way through high school, coaching college at the division I and division III levels and eventually enlisting in the USAF. Playing multiple sports instead of focusing on just one challenged me to constantly learn new skills. When I was finally introduced to Crossfit I immediately gravitated to the challenge of learning so many skills. Add in the the intensity & community and I was hooked.

As time went on I realized that this was a world that would make my life better & I wanted to be able to be a part of contributing to that for others. Heck, I met my wife because of it. 

Our belief is simple – deliver a fun event that runs on time. We joke that we deal in organized chaos & we truly enjoy what we do. Our hope is that we can continue to deliver events that people enjoy and continue to add to the community that has provided both of us so much.

Contact me directly at nick@lex-artis.net

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