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Summer Open 2020 – ONLINE




Welcome to the 2020 SUMMER OPEN. The origins of this INDIVIDUAL event date back to 2009. We get asked all the time, “Where are all of the “individual events”? Well, here it is! ***Master’s Athletes – Before you ask, we run an individual MASTERS ONLY event, “Older, Wiser, Stronger, Faster” JUST FOR YOU! This event IS NOT going anywhere. The Summer Open event will have three divisions, ELITE, RX, and JV. Workouts for each division may or may not resemble each other.

We’re expecting this competition to sell out, so register ASAP to secure your spot.

ELITE DIVISION – Last two years we have had VERY few females enter. If we don’t have 6 or more females by MAY 15th we are going to cancel that division (if you do sign up you will get a full refund less processing fees). We just can’t run a division with 3 or 4 competitors in it. Guys, we had a ton of you last year, hope to see the same this year.

CAPS – Elite Males have 20 spots available, Elite Female have 10 spots available.

Elite Division should be an athlete that IF Regionals still existed, this would be your training level. You can’t just complete just about any workout on the board, you can push yourself through them. RX is for athletes that take their training seriously, and can do just about every workout written on the board RX. You may not be the fastest in the gym, but there aren’t any gaping holes in your fitness game. JV (i.e. Junior Varsity) is for the athletes that are newer to this whole competitive fitness thing. You know what the named “girl” wods are, but you’re not able to do all of them as written, yet. You want to have a good time, and you want to push your limits. This division will not have “sticking points” written into the programming and weight shouldn’t be a limiting factor for most everyone.



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