Saturday May 18th, 2024 at Wolverine Strength and Conditioning


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Welcome to Average Joes – The Station Games. 
This will be a 3 person team event with 4 divisions; Male, Female, and 2 mixed gender divisions (one for teams with 2 males & 1 female, and one for 2 females & 1 male)
Why are we calling it Average Joes?
Maybe it’s because we really like the name or maybe it’s because of our fondness for the movie Dodgeball. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” (maybe that should be one of the stations?) The Average Joes events you may remember were some of our favorites and we wanted to bring them back, just in a new format. When we started Lex Artis, we wanted our events to be for the 99% of us that workout for fun. Not the 1% you see on TV at the games. Events like this are designed to push you, no matter your ability level. The word average is subjective too. At the games level, Tia is well above average, but the women finishing in the middle are the average. Conversely, winning the Rookie Rumble would put you above the average of the competitors that showed up that day. Point being – someone is going to win the Average Joes Station Games – which makes them, by definition, ABOVE AVERAGE. This event will test your abilities, that said, we work very hard to eliminate sticking points as best as we can. Meaning we’re not going to require a team to do an AMRAP of ring muscle ups. However we MAY (emphasis on MAY) have a part of the event giving three options that would be worth different points. Example being muscle ups, chest to bar or pullups – all worth different points – so that the entire team can work and no one is stuck standing around. Additionally, we always allow scaling at our events. If you do come across something that you just can’t do, whether it be injury or ability, we allow for scaling. 
Why are we calling it The Station Games?
Teams will be competing in four different workouts, back to back, at 4 different STATIONS.  
The format for the event will not be completely new to our events.  This format was used for an event we did shortly after coming out of the pandemic shut down.  There will be four workout stations in the gym in four different areas.  Teams will spend 15 min at each station (this does NOT mean they will be working the entire 15min!  But, you could be…..).  Teams will all go through the stations in the same order and have 5min to transition between stations.  There will also be a morning and afternoon session with a break in between so judges can eat lunch.


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