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2020 Rookie Rumbles ONLINE





Are you new to all of this functional movement performed at high intensity? Have you ever done a competition before? Are you coming off your very first Open? Well, this event is for you!

This will be a partner event with two divisions:
“Full Rookie” Division. Two “Rookies” get together and form a team. This can be male-male or female-female.
“Pro-Am” Division. This is where two people form a team where one person has been around the block and has more experience, but the other person is fairly new to all of this stuff. (again, male-male or female-female teams ONLY)

The big question becomes…what do we define as a rookie?

“Am I a Rookie?” – SEE BELOW!

Programming will be written to be challenging, but approachable.

T-shirts are included in the price of registration. Registration Closes two weeks prior or when event sells out (whichever comes first).

There will be one written movement standard for this event, but scaling will be allowed. If you do scale a movement your team is just eliminated from prizes.

Am I a “Rookie”?

We have had this question since we started this event. Our answer isn’t super simple, because people come from all different backgrounds with vastly different strengths and weaknesses. A former cross country runner may have a 6 minute mile, but when it comes to moving weight around they are a novice. Someone may have come from a strongman background have a 500# backsquat, but they also have a 27min fran time. Just because someone can do one thing well doesn’t automatically make them a “Pro”.

If you are able to do these workouts, as they are written, for the purposes of this event we would call you a “PRO”. This doesn’t mean you have to be “competitive”, but if you walk into the gym and see one of these on the board for the WOD, you know you can get through it. (exclude “Lynn”, “Elizabeth”, and “Amanda” from this list. Movements from those named girl workouts will NOT show up at this event for certain).

So, if you are someone that walks in and sees pull ups and knows there’s no chance in you doing that workout as written, we would consider you a “Rookie”. If an RX Fran, Jackie, Helen, Nancy, etc are not in your bag, we would consider you a “rookie”.

If you are someone that can get yourself through all of these workouts (notice, I didn’t say post the best time on the board, just get through them) we would consider you a “Pro” for this event.

The role of the “Pro” for this event is NOT to show how strong, fast, awesome you are. The role of the “pro” is to provide support to a potential rookie that may be a little nervous entering the event. I could also be a fun time competing with someone on you team of a different skill level than you. But, don’t expect this event to provide a “pro” a stage to show up their unbroken muscle up skills….

Athletes that have been doing CF for years could STILL BE “Rookies” in our book. Athlete’s that may have been considered “pros” at one time, may now be more “rookie” level (after a long time off from the gym, after an injury, after having a baby, etc). We could have 50 year old games athletes that should be considered “pros” and the same age athletes firmly fitting in the “rookie” division.

Bottom line, be honest with yourself and your abilities. The prize packages offered are not worth being a dickhead and calling yourself a “rookie” just to dominate the division. If you feel you are a “rookie”, we will trust you. Ultimately, when the day is over and you’re standing on the podium, if you have no business being in the rookie division, the entire room now knows who you are. We wish we had the ability to vet every individual that signs up, but unfortunately we’re working on the honor system.



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