YEP – the event is BACK ON.  Ohio has opened gyms and the date of the event will be June 20th, 2020.   Location is now CROSSFIT CORNERSTONE.  We will be following all state guidelines, this will ask for no spectators, and heats will be smaller and teams more spread out.  Details will follow in athlete newsletter to come.

Patriot Games is one of the favorite events we do up in SE Michigan every year and it is unlike most.   

Format will be TEAM OF THREE ATHLETES OF ANY GENDER.  Yes, ANY GENDER!! You can have a team of 3 women, or 3 men, of 2 males and a female, or vice versa 2 females and a male.  There will ONLY be 1 division, “3 athlete teams”.

Teams will only go onto the workout floor ONE TIME for 75 MINUTES STRAIGHT!  Nice part is this event does NOT take up your entire day.  Once you are done you can leave. 


Programming is one trip onto the workout floor for 75 straight minutes. FULL PROGRAMMING WRITE UP CAN BE FOUND HERE   


There will be 5 heats throughout the day (8:30am, 10:05am, 11:40am, 1:30pm, & 3:05pm). You only need to show up with enough time to warm up prior to your heat and you can leave whenever you like. Due to the nature of this event we do NOT have an on-site podium announcement. Winnings teams are contacted directly and prize package pick up/shipping are arranged. There is an online leaderboard, but no data is made public until AFTER the last heat of the day has begun. This way, no team has an advantage of knowing what kind of times they need to shoot for.

Patriot Games is an event unlike most out there. Endurance and Grit play a much bigger role. That said, these 75 minutes can be a test for athletes of many skill levels. You get to push your OWN limits.


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