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Coast Guard City Throwdown

TBD due to COVID-19


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REGISTRATION GOES LIVE APRIL 21st, 2020 at 8am!  Registration Opening Date TBD

WELCOME! To year two of the Coast Guard City Throwdown, Hosted By Train Grand Haven! (15023 168th Avenue Grand Haven, Michigan 49417)
This is going to be 3 athlete team event with TWO divisions, RX and JV. JV will be a more approachable variation of the RX workouts. Teams MUST be MIXED GENDER. This means the teams can consist of 2 males and a female OR 1 male and 2 females. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE ON THE LEADERBOARD BASED ON THE GENDER MAKE-UP OF YOUR TEAM. (i.e. an RX team consisting of MMF will compete with an RX team consisting of MFF on the overall RX Leaderboard). Think of this the way we ask someone (either male or female) their Fran time. We don’t put an asterisk next to a female’s time of 2:30 because they didn’t use 95#, do we?
What does this mean for programming? Something you will NOT see is an event with a score for MAX WEIGHT (i.e. a 1rm backsquat for instance). This wouldn’t work based on the set up. What you might see instead would be something like max unbroken backsquat reps at a male weight/female weight.
Train Grand Haven has a BRAND NEW, beautiful facility! Each lane will have access to wall ball targets, a rope for rope climbs, a spot to do handstand push ups, a set of rings, and a bar for BMU! Lanes are long enough that you could even see short distance handstand walking! They also own enough Echo Bikes for all lanes…. To have more than one in them! Bottom line – This is going to be an event where we are NOT limited by space or equipment when it comes to programming!
JV Division – This division will NOT be seeing movements: Handstand Push Ups OR Walks and Bar or Ring Muscle Ups. Rope climbs, T2B, and, pull ups are movements that COULD be seen in the JV division (but, expect to see lower quantity). Weights programmed will be approachable, but to provide a challenge to most (think of most average weights in the named girl workouts).
SCALING – SCALING IS ALLOWED!!! We want people to come out and compete to push THEIR limits. We write the programming for the majority, but if you don’t fit what we write WE ARE HAPPY TO SCALE! This applies to ANY movement (i.e. pull ups to jumping pull ups), weight (instead of 65# you do an empty bar), or rep count (you can’t do 21 so you do 11). THIS IS TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE AND WE ARE HAPPY TO DO IT! We promise, no one is going to point and laugh at you! (If they do we will be more than happy to point them out as a complete asshat to all in attendance!) – if you scale something you are still judged, you score is still entered, it is just done in a way that your score does NOT have an effect on the teams that did the workout as written. This also eliminates you from podium contention (but, certainly does not limit your ability to come out with your friends and have a good time!)
For those of you that don’t know the West Side of Michigan in the summertime, it is GORGEOUS! So, get a team together and make a weekend out of time. The Lake Michigan beach is minutes away, same goes for Grand Haven State Park!
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