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Battle of the Sexes – ONLINE 

Score Entry OPENS : Score Entry OPENS JULY 24th @8am – CLOSES August 10th @ 6pm



We are bringing this event BACK!  We did this back to back in 2014 and 2015 and it hasn’t been on our Calendar since.  This is an event in which teams consist of either 2 men or 2 women, but they are ON THE SAME LEADERBOARD.  In 2014 a male team came out on top and in 2015 we had a female team. Which gender is going to come out on top in 2020???  

CHANGES from the original: Instead of having one single division, we are going to have 2, RX and JV.  But again, male teams and female teams are competing against each other. JV will be a more approachable version of RX.

Due to the nature of this event you will NOT see a 1RM (or any score that is for max weight) as it favors men in general.  You may see something like max reps at a set weight in a given time. You could also see something like a modification factor for things like rowing or air bikes (females get 1.X to every male 1.0)

Scaling WILL BE ALLOWED.  A team or teammate can scale any weight, rep count, or movement.  If you do this, we still judge you and record you score on the leaderboard.  Your score for that event will drop below any team that completes the score as written, but ONLY that score is marked scaled.  A team that scales any part of the event is eliminated from podium contention.  



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